9 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have A Blog

9 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have A Blog

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs believe that if they have a website, they don’t need a blog. Many assume their product or service is straightforward enough to speak for itself. Take a look around the web at different sites, however, and you might be surprised to see that businesses from swimming pools to pest control have blogs. If you’re not blogging for your small business, here are nine reasons why you should start.

What small business blogging can do:

1) Show What You Know.

You’ve spent years building, learning, and perfecting your business. By sharing your experiences, tips, and strategies on your business blog, you’ll have the opportunity to become an industry leader or subject matter expert.

2) Optimize For Search Engines.

Optimizing your content with SEO tactics makes your blog more visible to people who are looking for what you’re offering. Plus, search engines look for the latest content. A business blog that’s updated on a regular basis provides the fresh and relevant content that will get your business found

3) Show Who You Are.

Your small business blog is the way to let your customers know who you are. You can make it as personal as you like; there are no set rules. Create your blog theme to match your business and what goals you want to accomplish.

4) Create Personal Interaction.

Most small business blogs are written to be engaging, informative, or educational. Writing them in a conversational way allows you to add a personal touch. You can get instant feedback from your customers and interact with them fast.

5) Make Announcements.

Having a blog is like having a PR rep in your office without having to add to payroll. Promote events, advertise sales, weigh in on the latest news, announce product updates; you can do it all through your blog.

6) Expand Your Network.

As long as the subject material is informative, people will follow your business blog. This is the easiest way to earn subscribers and continual readers.

7) Expose Your Homepage.

People might find you because of your blog, but they’ll likely visit your website once they get to know you.  Blogs that contain good content will encourage visits to your homepage.

8) Make Things Easy On Yourself.

One great thing about starting a small business blog is that it’s easy to do. Start with a simple blogging platform like Blogger to kick-start your campaign.

9) Advertise Your Business For Less.

Blogs do not require a lot of money or resources to maintain. It’s one of the best budget-friendly choices you can make.

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