8 More Reasons Businesses Need to Use Social Media

8 More Reasons Businesses Need to Use Social Media

Unless you’ve been hanging out under a rock, you know that social media has taken the world by storm. Of course, as long as you have Wi-Fi, even those under a rock can be in-the-know.  How much do you know? 

Your Local Business Gets Social  

Social media is a virtual hangout for sharing stories, swapping pictures, and connecting with people. Everyone has an account or two, and many people make it work for themselves based on their needs. Social media is also a great place to market and advertise your local business, and understanding the power of social media is the first step in using it to your advantage. Wondering if it’s worth your budget? Take these statistics into account.  

8 Reasons Why  

There’s a lot of people using it 

There are 3.196 billion people globally using social media. This means reaching audiences down the street, or three countries to the left.  

It can influence purchases both online and off 

Facebook has not only influenced purchases that users made online, but also those made offline thanks to updates and ads.   

Spending is increased 

When companies engage with consumers on social media, consumers are more likely to make a purchase from them. People prefer to buy from brands they can interact with; and trust.   

People love the customer service aspect 

When people complain about a business on Twitter, they expect to be heard–and accommodated. Consumers have come to expect that all businesses use social; and monitor their accounts.  

Your competition already has an account 

There are over 50 million small businesses that use Facebook to connect with customers. If you aren’t using Facebook to reach your audience, your competition is doing it without you. 

You have the ability to retarget ads 

Facebook provides a feature that allows businesses to show ads to customers who have visited your website. Retargeting ads to past visitors increases the potential conversion rate. 

Pinterest takes things further 

Pinterest isn’t just a crafty place anymore. People now use the platform to make and plan their future purchases. Engagement rates might be on the lower side, but it’s still a great place to generate sales. 

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